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One of the most common questions we get during pitch meetings is some version of “how quickly can you turn around the site?”.  I give them a straight answer – it’s always more quickly than they expected – but what I really want to say is, “if you’re doing the amount of pre-planning that will make this program a success, our production work is NOT going to be the bottleneck, guaranteed.

This week, as many schools across the country get ready to let their kids loose on summer, we have two more “kickoff” meetings for back-to-school promotions coming this fall….2-3 months of planning.  In our experience that is a good time-frame for getting the entire team – marketing, production, and pr – on-task and working like a well oiled machine building up to launch.

With many of our clients ShyCast creates, maintains, and distributes periodic updates to what we call a “Contest Master Document”.  Our CMD contains everything that everyone needs to know about the contest including objectives, teams and responsibilities, early drafts of official rules, key dates and times, and much more.  It’s a living reference document that makes sure everyone is on the same page.

Good planning begets good contests.  Have we been hired and gone from concept to launch in a matter of weeks?   Sure…we’ve even done it with spectacular – and frankly surprising – success.  But like any marketing program success can usually be traced to planning and execution….that is, substantial planning which leads to flawless execution.

So while your kids are thinking about summer, here at ShyCast it’s already Back to School time.