Social Responsibility

Competition and causes go hand in hand, and ShyCast pledges to support one or more causes with every contest run on the SCP platform. For those we will contribute a portion of our net income to the cause, based on a formula that increases the amount we donate for every person who registers in a ShyCast contest.

We’re putting our support for the foreseeable future behind breast cancer awareness. Many of us have been touched by this disease which affects a shocking number of women every year.

We will try to document great moments in support of breast cancer research, especially local efforts like our own Princeton, NJ’s Oyster Bowl. Over 14 years, the Oyster Bowl, hosted every year on Super Bowl Sunday by JM Group’s Jack Morrison, raised close to $150,000 to fight breast cancer.

Below is a video of the 2013 Oyster Bowl. I love the perspective on JManSees’ Oyster Cam, check it out in this vid.


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