Strategy and Planning

Veteran brand marketers and creative directors with deep experience running every form of online contest will participate in pre-launch planning sessions regarding topics like targeting, ideation, program structure, legal issues, web vs. mobile, and media planning. Benefit from the years we’ve devoted to assisting on some of the most successful contest based programs.


If you don’t have the time or resources to manage hundreds or thousands of entries, and tens of thousands of comments, let us help. We review every piece of content before it goes live and deal directly with your customers as first-line responders. We are seasoned communicators and will represent your brand with a level of service that exceeds your expectations.


If design resources are scarce, or a bottleneck in your marketing production team is killing your program plan, we have your back. ShyCast partners with outstanding graphic designers who specialize in customizing the ShyCast Contest Platform for your brand, developing related advertising and media, and/or building a whole new look and feel for your program.


Our professional copywriters bring an attention-grabbing flourish to match your program’s style. We produce site copy, ad copy, customer-facing emails, and social media posts, all in a synthesized, engaging voice…and we do it fast.

Technical Writing
We staff experienced scientific writers to help your clients produce professional technical entries in clear English, no matter their native language.


Whether you’re awarding an iPad, cash money, or a trip to the moon, we know how to make the process legal, simple, and painless for you and your customers. Call on us to track down and vet potential winners, correspond with interested parties, and deliver a neat and clean wrap-up to your contest program.


Contests create legal obligations for your company, and need to be executed by experienced professionals. We will create Official Rules that properly support every unique aspect of your contest, protect your company and your customers, and give you piece of mind. We create rules independently, or interface and collaborate directly with your company’s legal department as we’ve done for many large corporate brands.


We create rock-solid rules and regulations for mobile contests, scratch offs, quick picks, and sweeps for major brands and agencies. Mobile execution creates its own legal challenges, and we’re prepared to help you navigate and land on solid legal ground.


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