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This is often not a glamor job.  While we gratefully get to present cutting-edge ideas at times, we just as often toil in the weeds of administration and legalese; this semester we logged over 3,000 contest entries, 50,000 registrations, 4 man-days of videos viewed, and 8,000+ comments read and reviewed. Like accountants, we do the stuff nobody wants to do…but must be done right. Bad administration can bring a great program down.

But if you have to wonder why a bunch of smart people choose to operate the way we do, behind the scenes of contest administration, here, in part, is your answer:  The people.  We are blessed with amazing clients…smart, creative, and energetic “do-ers” who inspire us with their ideas and energy…it’s no wonder they’ve gotten where they are, at some of the best companies and brands in the world.

Nothing matters to us more than choosing partners wisely; life is too short to do otherwise.  Because when you work with great people, great things often happen.  We leave 2011 on the heels of some amazing campaigns…click the links below to get a whiff of why we do what we do.

Happy New Year, to more great and inspiring things in 2012.

Alyssa’s Video (will take you to the Fox 5 site)


Thank you so much for letting us work with you, our incredible, inspiring clients of 2011