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Tested by the industry’s most successful programs, the ShyCast Contest Platform offers proven reliability and advanced features for professional marketers. ShyCast Contest Platform (SCP):


Def 1 (n): The Social Contesting Platform for Professional Marketers Def 2 (n): The Muscle Behind Your Program Six years working with top marketers to build successful video, photo, and essasy contests. That experience is now at your fingertips with Shycast’s Social Contest Platform. Whether you are a national advertiser, SMB, university, Not for Profit, or local merchant, the SCP delivers the features you need, ShyCast helps you get it done at a price you can afford. Download the PDF for the full feature list (request it here), and in the meantime consider some of these features you won’t find on any other contest platform:Test/Live work environment. Develop and test different creative treatments and copy for different phases on your test site, then push approved changes to the live site with a click. Security ensures that only mods and admins can access the test site. Mobile Contests Extend your campaign to mobile with the industry’s best mobile contesting features.  Integrating fully between the web and mobile on both Android and iOS, there’s no need to track participants across platforms…the SCP presents native mobile video and playback.  Want  a Vine video contest?  No problem, give us a call!  

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Control every customer touch-point. Your contest should speak in your brand’s voice. From “thank you’s” to system warnings, you can customize every correspondence between your contest and customers. Because every touchpoint is an opportunity. Maximum branding. Choose SCP’s Splash Page option and you get full control of the HTML on your home page. Also build your own headers, footers, and background colors and images for a totally custom look. No additional charge. Multiple video source options. SCP gives you three great options for content upload: file from a computer, direct record from webcam, or embed YouTube videos.Customizable data display. Number of views, votes, and rating? That’s easy. SCP let’s you show those plus ANY data you capture from entrants on their video page. Want to show their city or state, school, hair color or favorite food? We can do that! Tons of features are built into the Social Contest Platform; to see a full feature list request the PDF.