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We built Cocotent in part to enable SMBs to use internal resources (that is, people, employees) to do the day-to-day customer-facing management tasks, like comment monitoring, submission review and approval, and managing contest participants…editing user data, sending warnings, banning when necessary…it’s all automated in Cocotent which is really nice.  While these tasks might seem mundane, they actually require a thoughtful approach and, during peak days and hours, a considerable amount of time (doing a contest with k-12 students?  Be prepared to have someone on point during lunch and right after school, PST-EST).  While you’re excited about the great things a contest will do for your brand, keep in mind that these programs have quite a few moving parts and you’ll want to have people assigned to all tasks.  Also consider that some tasks, like managing the judges and approving videos, come in waves and you’ll need to plan accordingly.

Working with experienced partners goes a long way toward making your program not only successful, but fun.

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