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Contest Management

We are more than a platform, we are a partner. Contests are amazing marketing programs, but their numerous moving parts can tax your resources.  

ShyCast is designed to help thinly-stretched, creative, goals-oriented marketing teams succeed by providing an experienced “go to” resource for their contest-based campaign.
We are an extension of the team, 100% dedicated to your program’s success, specialists who know how to run a successful contest.

We have a stake in our clients’ success, and we work like it; we are always available, strive to exceed your expectations, and play whatever role you need at the time.

We thrive on creating long-term client partnerships.

Who we work with.
We almost always work with a brand and its PR agency, where our primary role is to provide social media experience and advice, especially in the realm of online contests, plus the technology platform to get the job done, and whatever level of strategic or tactical involvement is necessary. Our clients will ask us to review and edit press releases, source and manage quality subs, or act as a general sounding board on marketing and business issues. We love our work, and we love to be a positive contributor to your program’s success.


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