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“If you can remain calm and keep your head about you when everyone else is losing theirs, then you probably can manage a successful big-brand online contest.” – ShyCast manager.

This picture from the NYTimes front page last year really captivates me..the guy in the center seeming to exude confidence and focus amidst utter chaos. As an entrepreneur one of the first of many life lessons I learned was – as explained to me by a mentor, a Harvard Business School professor – “you don’t know someone

’til the s*it hits the fan”. As we built the board of my first internet startup we minded that thought as far as we could…and eventually when it did hit the fan – as it almost always does multiple times at any startup – a focused, productive, even light-hearted vibe prevailed . The relationships I developed negotiating those tough times remain among my closest.

And that quality is at the top of our criteria list when we hire at ShyCast. Calm under fire. Because as much as we’d like to think that our big promotion is going to encounter nothing but smooth seas, at some point, more often than not, there will be a moment of seeming chaos. It may be a server crash (though not likely at ShyCast as we are now on Amazon’s backbone), a shakeup at the client or agency, or simply the mad rush of entries at midnight on the last night when 10 people are asking you how to get the video off of their camera and into their computer (it happens…we take care of it).

At those moments you want the people around you to be the calm, focused type…like the soldier in that picture. Keep your eye on the prize, damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead.