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Part of the reason we relaunched this site as a blog was to document and annotate the launch of Cocotent, the video contest platform we’ve been working on for the past year. It wasn’t a rushed development project, rather we slowly baked feature after feature into Cocotent as we ran more and more contests with professional marketers at brands and agencies. The result is pretty thrilling, and we feel that the choices we’ve made reflect a smart and pragmatic approach to contest production. (Note:  If you’re considering using YouTube for a contest, be sure to check out what Cocotent does for YT contests first.)

So look for occasional posts about particular Cocotent features – and particular features we’ve avoided or postponed – and the thought process behind these decisions. They are important issues you should consider when selecting a contest platform and partner.

But for this first post I’ll just address the inevitable “where’d the name come from?” question: It’s simple…we googled around for combos of the words “contest” “local” and “content”. Someone said “Cocotent”, someone else giggled, and the name was born. While the platform has been under development for a year, the name is only about a month old. Thanks to PB at Goodfellaz for giving Cocotent a face. What we wanted was a strong dude who could support a serious program, and PB delivered with Coco.

Call or email us for a Cocotent demo and trial, if you’re running a contest you’ll want Coco on your side.