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Ok, here’s the scenario we used to create this feature:  You have created your Entry Form thoughtfully, asking just the right questions to get what you need but not so many as to exasperate the Entrant.  You have twelve fields that tell you something about your contestants – where they live, name of their school, type of dog they own, favorite color, whatever is relevant to your contest.

Now, if “Favorite Color” is an important part of the campaign – maybe you’re promoting M&Ms, or satin sheets, or iPods – how is a templated platform going to allow you to make that a visual, interactive component of the contest?  CocoTent achieves this in a simple and elegant way, by enabling you to show ANY data that you’ve acquired about your contestants on the View Entries pages, with the click of a button.  So when people visit your contest site they’ll be able to quickly see how many entries favor Red, Yellow, or Green, for example, and search and sort for those.

Importantly, this is different then the Category feature because Categories are associated with Voting as Coco counts the votes associated with an Entry and groups them automatically with other Entries in the same Category.  The beauty of Data Display control is that you can take advantage of characteristics *other* than Category with all of your entries, as in the Color example above.  You could have Categories for iPod Nano, iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad, and show the favored color of each Entrant, or what color pod, pad, or phone they own.

The more you share about an entry and an entrant, the more compelling the competition becomes for the thousands who participate.  So get creative with your Data, and Coco will help you show it off.