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A contest, and in particular a video contest, is an engagement program…no two ways about it.  You will be talking to customers, and listening to customers.  You will be thanking them, encouraging them, and even on occasion disciplining them – yep, get used to it…but even warning or banning a user is an opportunity to engage so embrace it and make the most of a less than optimal situation.

And because every opportunity to engage is an opportunity to make your brand shine, Cocotent gives you complete control over the way your contest speaks to customers.  We call it Voice Control.  The goal of Voice Control is to give you customization options for every customer touch-point.

Cocotent’s Warn and Ban emails are good examples of the powerful features baked into Cocotent’s management system, like Voice Control.  Not only can you customize what each instance of a Warn or Ban message says, but you can also create defaults.  You can even choose from a set of tags to auto-fill into the message (ala “Dear “#username”,   ).

Don’t think of a contest as a gimmick, or a “one off”, or something to throw to your agency and forget about (though your PR firm can be a great partner is establishing your contest’s Voice, and you can even give them the controls to manage the process).  Contests give you a fantastic opportunity to communicate with your customers, so take advantage.  And do it in your brand’s Voice.

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